Who… What… Why - Udi Gans Poster Show

Udi Gans, a painter, partner, and creative director at Parazar, a branding and advertising company, a designer, a dreamer, and always in love. A direct continuation of uncle Wolf, Grandma Friedel, and Dad Mickey, a third generation of artists who never left the world of paint, and a fan of the art of painting. I paint because that’s where I find creative freedom without any limits. I paint because it’s my essence, and most importantly, I paint to not be sad. But it’s okay to be sad. Two years ago, I discovered digital painting, and a whole world opened up for me, a world that allows my inner artist to express with graphics, typography with composition, digital precision, alongside the freedom of painting.


We are all addicted to material, trying to attain a drop of happiness through the unattainable, filling the void with stories and promises imposed upon us from above, below, and from the sides.

Everything is borrowed; it’s not really ours, and true happiness for each of us lies within us. I try to capture the absurdity in our existence and to show that everything is okay, even when everything is completely messed up. My characters are vulgar, sad, indifferent, absorbed in themselves, living in a colorful world full of messages. They are a reflection of who I am, constantly reminding me that beneath all the pretense of life, there is a celebration.

Like most people of my generation (the 80s), I was crazy about posters. Whether it was a poster of my favorite band or a movie poster, even a poster of a landscape or a loving couple, I loved them all. The rolled-up paper, the bold colors, even the smell. I’d browse flea markets, pop-up shops (there was such a thing), collect them, proudly hang them in my room, and already fantasize about the next poster. 

But with all due respect to nostalgia, the world moves, and so do I

After years of painting with oilcolors and acrylics, in recent years I switched to digital painting. The digital pen replaced the paintbrush, and now the canvas will be replaced by posters, an old-new medium that I love so much. So whether you’re a poster enthusiast like me, or someone who has no idea what I’m talking about, I invite you on a journey to choose your own poster. Each artwork exists in only 20 copies, in three different sizes according to your preference, and on unique paper with my personal signature.

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